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Project of the Italian ministry Cirk Up2.0 of A.C.C.I
premio violeta


We return to our origins to reconstruct a common memory. Customs that make no apparent sense, but which lend logic to our way of being. Six bodies in play, six worlds. Drifting towards a joint and shared reality. We take care of each other, we behave, we slip, we push each other.

Hand-to-hand and singing as an opportunity to change everything and invite you to discover our peculiarities at close quarters.

Performers: Candela Casas, Elisa Strabioli, Greta Marí, Júlia Clarà Badosa, Michela Fiorani, Shakti Olaizola
Director: Francesca Lissia
Comic direction: Jimena Cavalletti
Technical training: Fernando Melki
Production: Anna Castillo (K. Konika)
Music: Shakti Olaizola, Sara Martínez,
Mar-i-Cel Borràs, Cecilia Tallo
Lighting: Natàlia Ramos
Costumes: Fil-i-Berta
Scenography: Betty Cau
Photography: Clara Pedrol
Video: Ivan Izaguirre y El Gato Productions
Accompaniment and co-production:
Shakti Olaizola y Compañía “eia”

Genre: Circus
Audience: All audiences
Language: no text
Duration: 50′
Format: Suitable for street and theater
People on tour: 6
Technical requirements:
- Sound equipment adapted to the space
with 2 speakers and two monitors.
- Lights rider for functions
indoor or at night outdoors.
- Scenic space:
Regular floor, without unevenness
- Space dimensions (in meters):
8 width x 7 depth x 6 height
- Assembly time: 4h
- Disassembly time: 1h

Subsidized by:


Project beneficiary of the fund for the creation of the Cross-border
cooperation project Travesía - Pyrénées de cirque, co-financed by the ERDF.
With the support of La Granerie and Roca Umbert: Fàbrica de les arts.


This collective was born from the need to come together as a community to create, develop as artists and be able to investigate the discipline of hand-to-hand. 

We are Candela Casas, Elisa Strabioli, Greta Marí, Júlia Clarà Badosa, Michela Fiorani and Shakti Olaizola. Six acrobats who live between Bilbao, Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela and Italy. Each one of them has made their own journey in the world of circus and now we come together to share our passion and carry out this project located between the Basque Country and Catalonia

Candela Casas

Circus accompanies her from a very young age, she begins to train circus disciplines in LaCrica to continue at the Rogelio Rivel circus school with the specialties of acrobatics, cyr wheel and hand-to-hand.

Elisa Strabioli

At the age of 13 she began her theater ístudies. In 2014 she finishes the Scuola Romana di Circo specializing in slack rope and hand-to-hand. She currently participates in Kolektivo Konika and Cia Vaya+BSide with "I see you".

Greta Mari

Flyer in hand-to-hand, physical actress and clown. She studied physical activity and sports CC, specializing in body expression. She is trained at CAU School of Theater and Circus and leaves with a creative soul of projects.

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Hannah Runschke

She discovered circus at the age of 13 thanks to a social circus project in Germany. Through the «circo fantazztico» of Costa Rica, he arrived at the School of Circus and Dramatic Art CAU where she became a professional in hand-to-hand discipline.

Michela Fiorani

She began her artistic journey studying musical, singing and practicing rhythmic gymnastics for many years. In 2016 she finishes the FLIC circus school and dedicates herself to hand-to-hand as a principal discipline.

Shakti Olaizola

During the Bachelor of Fine Arts she discovered circus. In 2012 she began her individual project creating shows that combine visual arts, live music, singing and circus.



24/02 – Berriz (Bizkaia)

05/03 – Markina-Xemein (Bizkaia)

29/04 – La Grainerie (Toulouse, FR)

01/05 – Circ Cric (Montseny /Sant Esteve de Palautordera)

06/05 – Festival de Clown, Payasas y Payasos de Arrigorriaga (Bizkaia)

05/06 – Artisti in Piazza-Pennabilli Festival (Pennabilli, IT) _ ESTRENO ITALIANO

10/06 – Kaldearte (Vitoria-Gasteiz)

15/08 – Manicomicos (A Coruña)

28/08 – MEC Villafranca (Vilafranca del Penedés)

08/09 – Territorio Violeta (Madrid)

09/09 – Elorrio (Bizkaia)

18/09 – Tempora Contempora (Lecce, IT)

29/09 – Irura (Gipuzkoa)

09/10 – Getxo (Bizkaia)

26/12 – Circumnavigando Festival (Genova, IT)

27/12 – Rassegna Rido, sogno e volo – (Piacenza, IT)


05/02 – Estruch – Sabadell _ PRE-ESTRENO SALA

05/03 – Durango (Bizkaia) _ ESTRENO DE SALA

13/03 – Barcelona Districte Cultural – Barcelona _ PRE-ESTRENO

16/04 – Barcelona Districte Cultural – Barcelona _ PRE-ESTRENO

17/04 – Barcelona Districte Cultural – Barcelona _ PRE-ESTRENO

30/04 – Barcelona Districte Cultural – Barcelona _ PRE-ESTRENO

27/05 – Mostra Igualada – Igualada _ESTRENO DE CALLE

04/06 – Fira Tarrega – Circuit Nomada (Lleida)

12/06 – Festival Circada (Sevilla)

13/06 – Festival Circada (Sevilla)

01/07 – Bilboko Kalealdia (Bilbao)

04/07 – Figueres MOU (Figueres)

13/07 – Bilbao Udako Programazioa (Bilbao)

15/07 – Girona (Catalunya)

17/07 – Fira de la Bisbal – Circuit Nomada (La Bisbal d’Empordà)

21/07 – Olot (Olot)

03/09 – Festival Tub d’assaig (Terrassa)

04/09 – Manresa (Catalunya)

16/09 – Umore Azoka (Leioa)

20/09 – Barakaldo – Circo a Escena (Barakaldo)

28/09 – Feria de Huesca (Aragón)

15/10 – Circarte (Alicante)

16/10 – Circarte (Alicante)

22/10 – Teatro Circo Price (Madrid)


14/02 – Mostra Espai de Carrer (Barcelona)

07/04 – Castellon de la Plana (Valencia)

19-20/05 – Festival Equilibri (Casalecchio di Reno, ITA)

04/06 – CurtcirKit (Mongat)

12/07 – Barcelona (Catalunya)

13/07 – Zaragoza (Aragon)

20/07 – Sevilla (Andalucia)

22/07 – Kilowatt Festival (Arezzo, ITA)

27/07 – Madrid (Madrid)

28/07 – Hernani (Bizkaia)

03/08 – Valencia (Valencia)

03-04/09 – Mamatita Festival (Alghero, ITA)

05/09 – Patapum Festival (Nuoro, ITA)

21/10 – Pagliacce Festival (Torino, ITA)

11/11 – A Coruña (Galicia)

22/12 – Reus (Catalunya)